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  • New Password Security Features
    We have recently enhanced our password security features within Portal. When your password expires or when you change your password, you will be asked to follow new guidelines.

    Please follow these important steps when creating your new password.

    1. Your password should have at least 6 and no more than 50 characters
    2. Include both lower and upper case characters
    3. Include at least one number
    4. Include at least one symbol
    5.Your password must not match any of your 3 previous passwords

    The guidelines will appear as you reset your password and are also explained in the HIQA Provider Portal Guide available at www.hiqa.ie

    If you have any trouble logging in to the Portal site after following the above guidance, please email us at portalsupport@hiqa.ie

    Web browser
    If you experience technical issues logging in please ensure you are using the web browser Internet Explorer.

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