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    Introduction of electronic signatures on Notice of Proposed Decision and Notice of Decision

    Until recently, all Notices of Proposed Decision (NOPD) and Notices of Decision (NOD) have been signed in wet-ink by the decision maker, prior to being issued to the registered provider or intended registered provider.
    With effect from 04/08/2020, all Notices are issued using an electronic signature.
    An electronic signature is a signature in electronic form which is used by a signatory to sign a document electronically and signify their consent to be bound by it. The electronic signature shall be considered as an original version for the purposes of Notices only and the electronic signature shall have the same force and effect as an original signature.
    The use of the electronic signature does not affect the legitimacy or validity of Notices and your legal rights are not affected.
    Electronic signature will be used as standard for signing of notices however, in exceptional cases where it is not possible to use an electronic signature, a wet-ink signature will be used.

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