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  • NF02 Notifications

    Interim Public Health Guidance for the Management of COVID-19 advises that an outbreak is over if a centre has no new cases of infection for 28 days

    You should:
    • Send a Daily Update showing zero cases of suspected/confirmed for residents/staff
    You do not need to send a further daily update once the number of suspected/confirmed cases is zero
    • 28 days after the last new case of infection send an email marked for your inspector’s attention, to notify@hiqa.ie declaring that the centre is COVID-19 recovered
    • Should there be a further case of Covid19 in the centre, you will need to submit a new NF02 Notification and resume sending Daily Updates

    Publication of Reports
    We will resume publication of inspection reports on 06 July 2020. Providers will be notified in advance of publication as per our normal process.

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