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    HIQA Scheme to Collect Data on the Uptake of the Influenza Vaccination

    The data submitted by services under the Scheme will be processed by HIQA under Section 8(1)(g) of the Health Act 2007.
    • We will anonymise the data received in the notifications and collate the data to identify a breakdown of the data per county. We will share the anonymised data with the HPSC.
    • The HPSC will use the data to inform national policy on the seasonal influenza vaccination programme.
    You can submit a notification via the HIQA Portal until the March 5th, 2021.
    If you have queries about the submitting this data through the HIQA portal please contact portalsupport@hiqa.ie, or on 021 2409360. If you have questions on the uptake and usage of influenza vaccine in the health sector generally please see the HPSC website at https://www.hpsc.ie/a-z/respiratory/influenza/seasonalinfluenza/vaccination/.

    Please note: When submitting a NF30A/B/C or NF31, Portal Access is not automatically granted and must be requested separately through the HIQA Portal.

    Submission of NF02A - suspected or confirmed Covid-19 cases

    You are required to notify the Chief Inspector of a confirmed or suspected outbreak of COVID-19 in your designated centre using a simplified COVID-19 specific notification (NF02A), which appears in portal as “[NF02] – COVID-19 Suspected or confirmed incidence”.
    If you have previously submitted a COVID-19 related NF02A, which remains active, you should not submit a further NF02A notification.
    Scenario 1: I have already submitted an NF02A – what should I do?
    1. Go to draft notifications menu option in portal
    2. Open daily update
    3. Input figures into the four numeric fields
    4. Submit notification
    If you are unsure about previously sending us an NF02A, check notification history for active NF02A notifications. Please note that this update must be submitted each day that the notification remains active, whether the figures have changed or not.
    Scenario 2: I have suspected or confirmed COVID-19 amongst the residents and/ or staff but I have not submitted an NF02A – what should I do?
    1. Go to submit notification menu option in portal
    2. Open [NF02] – COVID-19 Suspected or confirmed incidence
    3. Input data into the four numeric fields
    4. Submit notification
    The daily update will be available tomorrow in your draft notifications.
    Scenario 3: There are no suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 amongst the residents or staff in my designated centre – what should I do?
    1. No action required at this time – please so not submit NF02A
    A demonstration on how to provide the daily updates via the HIQA portal can be accessed from the following link https://youtu.be/jDW9mGi3THM.
    Note: If there is a non COVID related outbreak you must submit an NF02.
    Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact your case holding inspector or email portalsupport@hiqa.ie.
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